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Sue Rowe

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For the last several years I have followed this procedure about 20 times a day

Open 30+ page *.docx document in Microsoft Word (Office 365)
File > Print
In the Printer setting select Primo PDF (V
In the Pages settings type in 2-5, 24, 26-27
Click Print
Primo would open 
Click on Safe As PDF 
A Save as Window  appears
Select a location to save the pdf document and give it a name 
Go to the saved PDF and email the 8 page document.
As of Tuesday afternoon, the saved PDF does not include pages 26-27.
I tried typing in 2-5, 24, 26, 27 (coma instead of dash) but it didn't help.
I tried using  Microsoft Print to PDF instead of Primo PDF
I made sure I was logged in to my Adobe Creative Cloud Account then selected Adobe PDF and got an error message
Our IT people spent an hour investigating without any resolution and suggested the problem was due to 
Pages 26 and 27 are landscape
All the other pages are portrait
The IT person could not see any recent updates to Windows 10, Adobe Acrobat DC, Primo, Microsoft Office 365 or the printer drivers  
Why did this work for the last several years and suddenly stop yesterday?
There has been no changes to the Word document for over 12 months.
What do we need to do to fix the problem?
I've figured out a work around but it's much more time consuming:
pdf the entire document
Open in Adobe Acrobat DC
Delete the pages I don't need
Resave the document
Thanks in advance
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