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Copying error -- Snapshot

Gerard Kellett

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Gerard Kellett


When I take snapshots and then try to past them into the same PDF file again i get faults in this sometimes.  For example I take a snapshot of a line and paste it into the same page and move it to where I want. This works perfectly.  Then if I take another snapshot of a different item and press CTRL+V to paste it the original line which i had copied a few minutes earlier is pasted again.  No matter what i do to paste the second object that I took a snapshot of it will not appear, only the first item will appear.  I tried saving the file and then saving closing and opening the file but still doesnt work.  The only way I can get the program to paste the second item is to close out of Nitro completely and then open it again and then snapshot the second item again and then CTRL+V will paste it because it is then the first item on the list.  But then if i proceed to copy other items via snapshot they again will not paste correctly.  Any suggestions.


Im using NitroPro 12 version


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