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Drop Down option not working on android

Mitch Cochran

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Mitch Cochran

On a fillable PDF, the drop down option works on windows.  When we look at the document on an android, the drop down activates and presents the correct list.  After you select the option, the option menu disappears but the entry is not saved in the PDF.

Any thoughts?

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Mitch Cochran

Thanks for your message!

So that we can troubleshoot the problem, please provide me with the following:

- A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing
- The file you are working on
- What exact version of Nitro you are using (You can retrieve this information by going to the Help tab> About Nitro Pro.)
- The exact steps you are taking
- A screen shot of what you are seeing or any error message you are receiving

I look forward to your response.

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Mitch Cochran

The issue is on a normal word doc converted to a pdf.  The pdf has form options overlaid on it - text, calendar, drop down, signature..  When the document is viewed on an android (pixel 4xl) using adobe app, the drop down option appears, allows for a selection, once the selection is made the menu disappears but the entry is not reflected on the form.

I created the fillable pdf using The word doc was office2010 prior to becoming a pdf in Nitro.

It is a simple word doc converted to a pdf.  It contains text boxes, text boxes for calendar, signature - all work fine.  The document also has a check box options - 6-8 options.  When you select the field, the drop down option appears and allows you to make a selection.  The menu will then disappear, and allow for additional editing/viewing.  However, the dropdown option does not reflect the selection made - it shows the default or original value.


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