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Adding NitroSign link to software again


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For some reason the button to link to NitroSign has disappeared again and I don't see how to restore it. I've tried deactivating the software and then reactivating it but the option to add it does not reappear. The last time this happened support had me remove it from my system completely and reinstall using a link to your server, but that is a cumbersome process. I believe it disappeared around the time my anti-virus automatically updated to the latest build of Nitro Pro 13 (my serial number starts with 504938). I can use NitroSign manually but I'm approaching my busy season so I need it to work seamlessly if possible. Thanks for any assistance

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Reymund Oyong


Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Please check the status of Nitro Sign integration through registry and see if it is enabled or not. Here are the steps:

1. Close the Nitro Pro application
2. In the Windows search bar, type regedit
3. The Windows Registry Editor will come up on your screen
4. Head to the following location in your registry: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nitro\Pro\13\settings
5. Search for the registry key called "CloudEnabled"
6. Click on the registry key and set the value to 1
7. Launch Nitro Pro

I'm including a screenshot as an attachment for reference.

Kind regards,

Enabling Cloud via Windows Registry.png

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