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Reducing a file

Christine Fowles

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Christine Fowles

Hi Team

Our office has been using Nitro Pro for a couple of months now .

Apart from it being extremely slow on a number of processes, we cannot seem to effectively reduce a file.

Since we have been using Nitro, ALL of our files are massive ! 

When we optimise it to reduce files it somehow makes them larger ???  We also loose items , such as text we have added to a PDF document .

This is very inefficient and we are struggling on a day to day process.

Can you suggest a way round this.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Christine,

Thanks for your message and I'm happy to help.

There isn't a limit on file sizes for Nitro as it will directly tie to your computers processing power it will more likely to be tied to your machines limitations. If you find that it's taking a long time to process your document or work with it, then you can either split it up into smaller sections while you work it it, or you can optimize your document to reduce the file size and quality of the document. I've provided both resources for you below:

Split a PDF file into Multiple PDF Files

Reducing PDF file size

I hope that helps!


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