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Update failing

David Ettershank

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David Ettershank


I am attempting to update to a more recent version of Nitro.  

Every time I try and install the updated version I get the follow "! Nitro Pro Setup Wizard has failed."  This pop-up window occurs immediately after selecting install options.

I have tried restarting, ensuring everything else is closed but same problem every time.

Current version is  Serial # **


Can you assist please?



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @DavidEttershank

Thank you for your message - I can help you out.

Please uninstall Nitro Pro completely and use the latest Nitro Pro 13 installer from this page: https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/downloads

and activate following the instructions on this page: https://kb.gonitro.com/knowledgebase#/search/installers/000004464

I hope this helps!

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James Angtuaco

I have the same problem as David and the same error message. I've already done a fresh install after a full uninstall of the software. What are the possible reasons?


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