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Automatic Import from Database file (NOT FDF or XFDF creation)

Knisley Administrator


Knisley Administrator

It would be a fantastic option to be able to link/attached a database file directly to the text fields one places in the PDF document. 

I don't mean going through ridiculous multiple steps to export database (in my case ".db / .dbf" type files, but aslo MS access, paradox, and whatever other formats people use) information to a text file to create an  ".fdf" or ".xfdf" file and use that to "fill in a form".

I mean you open a new form, place a text box, then link that text box DIRECTLY to a field in a particular database file.  We use over 100 different forms for various processes in a client's case.  Typing in the information into the PDF directly takes well over 10 minutes in some forms, the information is already there in the database file.

WordPerfect does it seamlessly, we never have to type information into our letters, it simply pulls the current information on screen via the database file (in my case it's called "ocmmerge.dbf" which is  basically a quick paradox database file created when you enter a client's claim).  There shouldn't be too much of an issue to make this happen as a core component of Nitro.

I regularly handle 50 to 70 clients per day, in an office of 11 people wherein each of us do the same process.  If I could save an hour per user per day just on PDF completeion like this,  our productivity, and subsequently our clients needs, would be improved substantially.

Not to mention it is a fantastic selling point that no other PDF software incorporates that I'm aware of.


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