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Re-installing Nitro 12

Liz Appleton

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Liz Appleton

I got an email saying I needed to do the software upgrade as I run an Nitro 12 and you are shutting down one of the servers.

When I tried the upgrade the Wizard failed

I was sent by the chat function to various help forums. I tried clearing the temp folder, doing the Nitro fix in settings and restarting my computer multiple times

I then uninstalled NItro 12. Now I cant reinstall it as the wizard fails.

I tried installing Nitro 13 just to see if I could and it did install. I have now uninstalled it as I want Nitro 12 back and don't want to pay for the upgrade.

Please note we have about 15 work computers to sort out with this issue, and  I am concerned we will all start having this trouble...

Thanks for your assistance

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Liz,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forums!

We will reach out to you directly through the support ticket.


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