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License for 10 users but only 9 are "apparently" in use, but the 10th can not be used

Julie Lobosco

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Julie Lobosco

We have a license for 10 users.

Some of our staff have attempted to upgrade to Nitro 13 (as directed in an email we received from Nitro).

A couple of us were successful in updating and putting in the existing serial number, however some received the following error:


I sent an email to Nitro sales team who responded with a list of computer id's, nine in total with one looking a little dodgy (computer id 000000000000000). I was then directed to this forum page. I don't believe we have used nine licenses in total. 

How can we  

1. Search for our computer id. I went to the start menu,  then in the search box typed "cmd", then typed "ipconfig/all". The physical address that is shown is totally different to any that is listed in the response from Nitro.

2. Can Nitro cancel this license and reissue another with 10 users enabling us to update to Nitro 13 with the new license number

3. If only 9 users have used the serial number, why can't the 10th user use the serial number?

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