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How to make text bold

Jade Lambert

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Jade Lambert


Apologies if this is really simple and I'm missing something obvious but I'm editing a pdf (in v.11) and want to put some text in bold, but I cannot see how to do this?!

Thanks in advance for the help :)


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  • Official Nitronaut


Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

Unlike in other Word Processing programs, Nitro does not have a specific button for making the text Bold or Italicized. Unlike Word processors, bold is not an available option when editing text in Nitro. For example, if you are using Cambria and you want to make a section bold, you have to swap to the 'Cambria-Bold' font. To do this, click on the Edit tool, then select the text. The format tab will appear and here you can change the font type using the dropdown menu. Kindly refer to the screenshot attached.


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