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Fillable form not behaving as intended

Narek Zohrabyan

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Narek Zohrabyan

There are government fillable forms that I readily have to fill out and file. However, some are having issues where I am populating on field and for whatever reason, it copies that info into unrelated fields. I have never had this issue with the same exact form using for example Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


For reference, the form in question can be found here:



Try populating the last section by signing your name and dating it. Once you scroll up to sections that cover Assignee or Applicant, you can see the same info populated there. This isn't how the form is supposed to work,

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Narek Zohrabyan

This file can only be opened using Adobe Reader. This document's form is not a standard form and was created using a proprietary system owned by Adobe. Forms such as these (XFA forms) are documents which are not compliant with PDF standards and has not been included in the PDF 2.0 specification. These particular files have specialized encoding that is not universally read by other PDF software including varying versions of Acrobat. Forms may not display or behave as expected, and may not be able to fully edit or correctly opened using editing alternatives.

While Nitro will continue to do our best to support these formats, they are not supported in the PDF 2.0 ISO Standard. 


We suggest trying Adobe reader for this specific file.

Please let me know if you have other questions.

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