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Possibilities installing Nitro PDF with Intune?

Frank Ramaker

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Frank Ramaker


I would like to know what the possibilities are to install/deploy Nitro PDF with Intune/Autopilot?

We have it configured that it installs the Nitro PDF .MSI but it doesn't add the .MST file to active Nitro PDF. (So i have to manually active the license on each workstation)

Is there anyway i can create a .MSI with the License in it?

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Hi Frank

You've probably sorted this by now, but fwiw here's how we do it

We create and install.ps1 script with the following :

$PSScriptRoot = Split-Path -Path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Path
msiexec  /i "$PSScriptRoot\nitro_pro13_x64.msi" "TRANSFORMS=$PSScriptRoot\nitro_pro13_x64.mst" /qn | Out-Null

This is compiled as a win32app with intunewinapputil with the assiociated msi and transform file


Our install command is 

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file Install.ps1


Best wiishes 





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