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PLEASE HELP - Getting License # & updating user details

Sven Andersen

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Sven Andersen

I purchased V13 Nitro Pro personally and have it activated on my PC but wanted to activate on my laptop for when I'm working away from my PC. I tried log in and check my product details etc as my Licnse# in the program lists only the first 6 digits and then XXXXXXXXXXXX so cannot retrieve full license info. I think I bought it when working for another company and used my old work email but paid for it personally so can't find my purchase history and original email showing purchase and license details. I want to find out how to get my full license # and update my current contact details for logging in etc so that I can find out if my license allows single user on mulitple device (PC and laptop) but as I didn't get a VIP package I cannot contact anyone to help me and have to post this here ... otherwise I'll have to knock on the door of the Melbourne office and ask for help if no one can help me here.... please save me a trip into Melbourne. (-;

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