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Convert to Excel inconsistent formatting on the output

Jill Watson

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Jill Watson

I have a 49 page PDF that I've converted to Excel.  However, the output is inconsistent where some rows of the data split into multiple columns (desired), but some are a string of text without multiple columns, making it hard to separate item number, quantity, description, date, dollars, etc.

Is there a way to get more consistent output?  I didn't see much in way of settings to help here, other than split multi-line text into separate rows, which helped a little, but still missing the column configuration.

note:  some output is great, some is not, thus, inconsistent.  The PDF appears to be computer generated, not a scan.

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Allain Umailin

Hello @Jill Watson,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

To get best results for PDF to Excel conversions, please refer to the following tips:

1. Contents in the PDF document should best resemble a table with consistent spacing in rows, columns, and headings.
2. The document should not contain extraneous text and content around the actual table in the PDF as this will attempted to be read in the conversion to Excel.

Please allow me to add these extra notes for scanned documents:

1. Ensure the document is upright (text reads left to right, up and down).
2. Scan the original image with a higher DPI or quality.
3. Ensure there is as little noise as possible on the document.
4. No handwritten content. Text should best resemble recognizable fonts on a computer.

Thank you for choosing Nitro and I hope this helps.

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Jill Watson

Hello Allain,

Unfortunately, none of this is helpful.  As mentioned, the PDF is already computer generated and I cannot control the format as it comes from a customer.  Why do some pages and sections convert correctly, but not all?  It is inconsistent in the conversion.

If we cannot get more guidance, we likely cannot license the product past the free trial.  Thank you for any further support on this! 



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I’m having the same problem. Followed all recommendations and column shifting and inconsistency make the doc unusable. 

Doc is a clean table with 7 columns. I used Epson WF Pro EC-4040 to scan and create PDF. Then Nitro Pro 8 for PDF to Excel. 

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Keith Anderson

Hi, I am also having problems. The text from PDF is being posted into Excel as graphic objects, not as Excel text and numbers. Nitro, I can provide the PDF to allow you to test for yourself


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