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Systematically removing the same object from every page of a PDF

James Paine

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James Paine

Is there a method to automatically, or even programmatically, remove the same object from every page of a PDF document?

As part of my work, I review draft documents extensively. Some of these documents contain watermark-like objects that make highlighting text or adding comments nearly impossible. I am able to select and delete these objects one by one on each page, but for documents with hundreds of pages this become onerous quickly.

Since these objects are literally the exact same, in terms of content, placement, and even layer position, on the page, is there a way to select and delete these objects in batch? Even if there is a method of doing this programmatically, I'd be very willing to invest the time in getting a script working considering how often I need to do this (but I'm not seeing scripting in Nitro Pro so far).

The built-in watermark management feature of Nitro Pro does not recognize these objects as watermarks, so I can't use that. I'd also image this being useful for bulk editing headers or similarly removing objects that interfere with note taking that exist on every page of a document (such as a text box that's just too big at the top of a document, which I also run into way too often).

Any suggestions?



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