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Embedded JPG's will not open or prompt to open in pdf's

George Kaparos

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George Kaparos

I have a PDF with known JPG's embedded in the file.  When you click on the embedded jpg Link, it will have a red box indicating it is a link, it does nothing.  There is no prompt, nothing occurs.

The same file when opened in Adobe Pro or reader will prompt to open the JPG.  Is there a setting that needs to be turned on or activated.


I'm working with version

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George Kaparos

Well I found the solution and will leave the topic up for anyone who is also looking for the answer as well.  

It appears that NitroPDF has an icon on the bottom left hand area that looks like a page with a paper clip.

This icon, when hovered over, will say View, add and delete files attached to this document.  Click on this and a table of the attached documents will be shown and you can select and open the ones you want from there.

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