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Cannot Print Anything


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I cannot print anything. When I select Print -> then print, Nitro closes completely, and does not print at all. No error messages of any sorts. Says 'Printing 1%' and then closes the whole application. I have tried multiple PDFs to no avail. I have repaired the program as suggested in a previous topic, but that has not fixed it either. Our printers are Kyocera brand. 

Version: Nitro Pro

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Hi Kory!

What was going on before you got the failure? did you install something else?

Do you print anything else from another software?

Have you checked your computer first? Clean it ? (even CCleaner's free version is useful). An issue with Windows?

If you have many pdf softwares installed, it could be an issue.

maybe keep safe your serial number and make a full deinstallation of Nitro, then a complete installation.

It could help.

Of course, you could upgrade to the version 13, however it is an easy way out.

Good luck !

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