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Printing a poster

Olaf Klöbner

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Olaf Klöbner

I do not find the proper way to print posters with a small printer.

With other software I was able to print big documents (e.g. project schedule, DIN A3, DIN A2) on a small printer (DIN A4), by printing on several pages and stick them together:

- "poster" option => split a single image into multiple pages
- make tile scale bigger => split it into more pages (overlapping size adjustable)
- print and stick 2 or more pages together (stick on overlapping area)

Nitro should have similar options - but I do not find them.

Thank you for hints.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Olaf,

Thanks for your message!

Please send me your serial number so I can check. Also, so that we can troubleshoot the problem, please provide me with the following:

- A detailed description of the issue you are experiencing

- The file you are working on

- What exact version of Nitro you are using . You can find this information by opening Nitro. Go to the Help tab, then click About Nitro Pro.

- The exact steps you are taking

- The printer's brand and model and the type of drivers you are using

- A screen shot of what you are seeing or any error message you are receiving

I look forward to your response.

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Olaf Klöbner

Nitro Pro Version

Serial: *

There is no "problem" or "error", and it is not dependent on a specific printer.

I just do not find the way how to print a poster, a mosaic out of several pages made from a very big document (bigger than printer paper size).

In Adobe Acrobat Reader the way is: print - poster - set the scaling (e.g. 72%) and overlapping (e.g. 20mm).

Very simple. I just do not find the option in Nitro. That's it.







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  • Official Nitronaut

Hi @Olaf Klöbner

I can see that you have an Enterprise license. I created a support ticket for you so that our Enterprise Support Engineers can reach out to you immediately.


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I'm trying to do the same thing - print an 11"x17" document at full size using a printer that can only print 8.5"x11" paper.  I can do this using other PDF programs, and then tape them together.

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