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Why allow highlight but not allow change color? Why grey out and on what situations?


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Dear all

I am using Nitro Pro 13.22.

Nitro Pro is not easy to use.  The major problem is that it lacks feedback messages to indicate reasons for certain program behavior.  For example,  why it grey things out but it works before.

Here is the unpredictable/inconsistent program behavior I encounter: 

  • I used to be able to change the highlight color.  But for unknown reasons, the feature is greyed out?

May I know on what situations Nitro Pro would allow me to highlight the content but does not allow me change the highlight color?  Thanks.

Thank you.




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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Abel,

Greyed-out tools usually mean that the file is locked or protected.

You can check the security settings of the file by opening it in Nitro. Right click on any page on the file and select Document Properties. Under the Security tab, you'll see features that are allowed and not allowed.

Hope that helps!

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Patrick Mirek


My highlight function is greyed-out when I right-click on the selected text, along with most other options. However, I am able to highlight by selecting the Highlight button in the Home tab. Why isn't the right-click method available? It works in other documents.

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