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Printing Issues on Kyocera


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To make a long story short:


Apparently there's a bug with the 12.16 versions of Nitro Pro, that crashes every-time you print to a Kyocera.  (I've read several others users in the forums having the same issues)

Two years ago the fix was to revert back to 12.14 versions and it would work.  It indeed does work.  The problem is that you can no longer license 12.14 versions. Do to the activation changes.


I've tried reinstalling the Nitro software, reinstalling print drivers (using network ports, PCI, etc), restarting the system, you name it.  But 12.16 versions crash every-time on a kyocera print job. It gets 1% and shuts down the software.


You can print anything else to the Kyocera, just not Nitro PDF's.  You can also print to any other printers using Nitro, just not kyoceras. (on 12.16)


I know this typically checked by a forum Moderator. I do not want to purchase Nitro 13 for a discounted price.


We need a solution to either:

A.  Way to offline activate Nitro so we can continue to use older versions of your product.

B.  The bug fixed, or the settings known to correct print issue.

C. A free upgrade to 13 (which I still here is experiencing it's own bugs, including printing) 



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hi @nickconder

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Please send me your serial number so I can check. I cannot locate it using the email address that you provided.

I look forward to your response.

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I have sent you one of the serial numbers. I am an IT professional that services many businesses, some that use your products.  





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