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PDF to Excel Conversion too Jumbled to be Useful


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Scanned clean 7 column hard copy and created PDF.  Sent PDF from printer to PC and opened in Nitro Pro.  Spotted a few glitches ($ to 5 and 5 to S, etc.) but nothing too hard to clean up.  Converted to Excel with Nitro Pro and many rows shifted columns, seemingly at random.  In some cases, the 7 columns all stayed in one cell.  In other rows, contents shifted 1, 2, or 3 columns.

Way too much to clean up.  File is not usable.

Any tips that would help?

PS  I also have ASAP Utilities but don't see a good conversion option.


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Moderator, Please approve.  I'm stuck and can't find a phone # for Tech Support.  Tried to start ticket, but that was rejected even though I provided order #.


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