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I bought version 8 and then upgraded to version 8.5. Last  year, I upgraded to version 10.

Shortly after that, my hard drive crashed, losing all my data, then my cancer flared up, so I never installed the version 10 upgrade.

I now have a new computer, but version 10 will not take my serial number.

I can't send a trouble ticket to support without a serial number, which is the problem in the first place.

How can one get their version 10 to to take the upgrade serial number?    I hope this forum is monitored.

I would upgrade to version 11, but I have a shorter term outlook with brain cancer.

Your help is appreciated.



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hi Richard,

Thanks for posting to our Community forums!


You can always send a support ticket, even without your License Key info.  After looking through your account, I was unable to locate a license for Nitro Pro 10.  I see you have created a ticket for you so I will go ahead and correspond with you there, to keep your account details in private.

Submitting a ticket is always a good option, as it will ensure you get a hold of one of our support reps.  


We look forward to taking care of you!



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