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Many errors activating

James Wheeler

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James Wheeler

Over the years I have purchased standalone versions of 10, 11, 12 and now online version 13. Last time I upgraded I paid for support which I think is still current. I have used it for work. I had licences for my own business while that existed. I like the functionality of Nitro.

But now, so many problems....

I'm trying to install an old version on my daughter's computer (student) which is running Windows 10.

Version 12 won't activate. The latest version from https://www.gonitro.com/product-details/downloads won't even install. ("Nitro pro setup wizard has failed")

There is no access to support. No numbers to call, no email addresses, the support website for "other" won't accept my email because it thinks it is not a business email.

The activation won't work for the installed version

Version 11 & 10 won't install (I have the full executables).

I can't even attach screen captures of the issues to this post, as this website only accepts attachments from a URL, not a local drive.

Nitro seems reaslly buggy and lacking support. I've used it for years. Anyone know how to fix these many problems?

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James Wheeler

I have solved the problem, after about 2 hours of trying. Refer to forum post attached (below). This contains links to full installation executables. They would not download using Chrome browser. It did download using Edge browser. It installed seamlessly, and the license was activated automatically. I trust that this post helps others.


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