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Carl Williams

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Carl Williams

Wooooowwww. 15 minutes just to get in here. The help on this product is such a ridiculous maze it's very unintuitive and unusable. And I did information management for a career. Chat with an agent??? Ya right, I kept being sent around a merry-go-round. What a bad experience. This is enough for me to quesation whether I'm going to continue.

Might I suggest: 1) if you want to provide support, PROVIDE AN INTUITIVE ACCESS PORT. Not some port you and the dev team came up with so its a biased implementation from your end. (2) If not SAY SO!!!

On to my question, after 45 minutes of extreme frustration. HOW DO YOU COPY-PASTE TEXT BOXES?????????????????? I copied one, tried to paste it but it ends up on the first page and you cant drag it down to the second page. It's trapped on the first page. WHAT?? REALLY This is 2021 BTW


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