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Search next or find next hotkey?

Lars Kuur




What is the hotkey for search next?  Sometimes also called find next. 


I can start searching by CTRL  + F  , that works, but I am stuck at the first result. 


In Adobe I can search next by clicking F3 or RETURN. Both will give me the next result. This is not working in Nitro.


I know I can press the arrow with the mouse, I am not asking how it can be done. I am specifically asking what the HOTKEY is. I have read the manual, and it does not say.



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Tomas Keppens

Is there a way to vote for this feature? 
Also through the Customize Quick Access Toolbar, you can not define a short cut for this function as the function is not listed (or I didn't find it).
From productivity viewpoint, this is one of the base functions of a PDF tool.

Any help appreciated. Please give an official reply from Nitro.


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