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iManage Work 10 Integration (DMS) - unexpected behaviour when saving as version

Jeff Andersen

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Jeff Andersen

Hi there, we're an iManage Partner evaluating Nitro PDF for sale to our enterprise customers. I have Nitro Pro installed and connected to iManage Work 10 Version:
Server version: The integration with with iManage Work is connecting and checking out docs, allowing to save into DMS etc. but there is one behaviour that doesn't really fit user workflow. 

When creating a PDF (from MS Word for e.g.), the PDF opens in Nitro, then if I want to save the PDF as version 2 of the original Word document in DMS (this is a common use case), I select save as new version from the iManage tab where I can select an existing iManage Work document to save a new version over, then the file picker is filtered to PDF files only, I change the filter to show all file types, then select the original Word document. When the new version is saved, the actual file is the PDF, but the file type assigned is MS Word (inheriting from original version). This of course leaves the file type incorrectly as MS Word. 

Other similar integrations would apply the PDF file type as the new version, recognising that the PDF app is saving a PDF as a new version of an MS Word doc. 

Is there anyway to amend or configure this behaviour in the Nitro Pro Work 10 integration? 



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