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When selecting multiple files to combine, Nitro Pro crashes

Narek Zohrabyan

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Narek Zohrabyan

I have noticed that when I select multiple pdf files to combine - although it can be jpg or other file formats- that Nitro seems to spin its wheels and becomes unresponsive. 


What I do is the following:

1) navigate to the folder where the individual pdfs are located,

2) select the pdfs,

3) right click and select "Combine Files with Nitro Pro",

4) Combine Files dialogue box pops up. Pdfs are by default selected,

5) click Create button,

6) dialogue box pops up asking to name the filename and select destination folder,

7) input file name and navigate to destination folder and create OK,

8 ) This is where NItro hangs midway and program bar says (Not Responding) - > have to do Ctrl- Alt, Delete and force close app,

9) Combined file is actually being created in the destination folder, but the app is in constant loop mode,

10) double click combined pdf file and Nitro Pro opens with the selected pdfs that were chosen to be combined.


Same exact problem happens even if I individually open the pdfs in Nitro Pro and navigate to Combine right from the program. Issue persists both on my laptop and on my Office PC, so it is not limited to one instance.



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Narek Zohrabyan

Thanks for your message - I'm happy to assist you.

So that we can troubleshoot the problem, please provide me with the following:

- Some sample files showing this error
- What exact version of Nitro you are using. You can find this information by opening Nitro. Go to the Help tab, then click About Nitro Pro.
- A screen shot of what you are seeing or any error message you are receiving

I look forward to your response.

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Good afternoon,

I am also experiencing this problem.

However, this is only limited to larger files where there are thousands of pages. I was able to do this with ease without the problem previously.

I am using Nitro Pro 13 the latest version.

The screen shot simply freezes, and then a window pop up starts Nitro Pro is not responding.

The options are then for it close or restart, or keep waiting until it responds.


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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Alex,

Please provide us with the files you are working on, your step by step workflow and some relevant screenshots so we can try to troubleshoot the issue.


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Narek Zohrabyan

I haven't changed anything on both of my computers but the problem has now gone away. It used to happen regardless of the size of the files and/or the type of files. I had the latest version of Nitro but perhaps my windows updated and that fixed the problem...? Can't really say for sure what the hiccup was.

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Unfortunately Leslie I am unable to provide you with the files because they are sensitive.

I can tell you there is no security or protection attached to them.

I tried to provide screenshots yesterday but there is no upload attachment to this forum.

I can provide the workflow as such

I open Nitro, go to combine PDF, add the relevant PDF files (there are three of them) one is 4300 pages, one is 3024 pages, one is 174 pages.

The process then gets to about 70% complete before it freezes, the option pop up comes up stating Nitro Pro is not responding.

The option pop up then gives you the ability to close, restart or keep waiting until the program responds.

A file is made with the relevant combination of the three but it cannot be opened.

Kind regards


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I have this same problem when using combine. It happens 100% of the time. The combined file is created, but Nitro Pro then freezes. I'm using Nitro Pro on Windows 11. I can't seem to be able to attach a screen shot.  I can't send you the files but they are simple PDF's with no security on them. I've used a different version of Nitro Pro on Windows 10 for a couple of years and did not have this problem. 



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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @Narek Zohrabyan ,

We tested some random files and combined them on our end but we are unable to replicate the freezing issue.

  • Are you able to provide us with some non-confidential sample files to test? Or some files with the confidential information redacted?
  • What sort of file types do you usually combine? (Word, Excel, PDF, image, etc)
  • If you combine just PDF files into one file, does that work fine?
  •  We have an upcoming update this week, can you kindly test that version to see if the issue still persists? https://www.gonitro.com/nps/product-details/downloads

I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Narek Zohrabyan

This issue still has not been resolved. How do I send you app crash log file for you guys to analyze?

There is no reason for me to send over the native pdf's  as they open up individually using either Nitro or Adobe. When I select those files to combine - total of two pdfs, a page or two each- the system goes on a loop and does not progress through the combine dialogue box. The files actually get combined and a pdf is generated as the dialogue box essentially crashes.


On another note, you guys should allow the user to attach screenshots of the problem. The only thing I can do is upload an image and then link the URL. Seems like an antiquated process and certainly more clicks to go through rather than just attaching the image here.

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