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Tab shuffle and other problems

Guest John

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Can I say I am getting really annoyed with Nitro, and dont get it.

a) WTF is up with the Tabs for different documents - I open one document and it shows the tab on the Right hand side. I open another and the tab is on the left hand side - WTF - no consistency. Sometimes I close a document, and the tab does not show for the document I am on, so have to go to the right hand side to find it, just to close it.

b) So sick of Stamps that if you resize them too small, you can no longer move them - so have to make them bigger so you can move them, and then resize them again.

c) Stamps even when selected, if the move icon on the border is over another stamp, I cant access it.

These annoying traits which were in n the last version, and you knew about, still have not been fixed.

Getting sick of lack in progress for simple problems.

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