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Update canceled due to missing connection

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Hey everyone,

as an IT service provider we're supplying our customers with monthly software updates on their clients. For a few months now we have been facing the following report on every client of one our customers which has Nitro Pro in use:

The translation: "Connection to the Update Service failed. Please check your Internet connection and retry."

Some employees of our customer may have older Nitro Pro versions, however this report seems to pop up every single time when an update is searched for. We would like to update all of the Nitro Pro versions asap due to the critical security patch which was recently released.

We look forward to read your replies.


Q Support

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Hello @Leslie V.,

thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned above we are an IT service provider. Our customer purchases the licences for Nitro Pro. Lucky for us, our customer provided me with a new serial number to configure a new laptop for an employee. I will send you the serial number via private message.

Thanks in advance,

Q Support

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