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Extract multiple single pages into Nitro Pro, not new files.

Kim Pinkham

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Hello - 

I frequently need to break a file into its component pages, but the information that would be used to generate a file name for each page is shown on the page (invoices, with unique invoice numbers on each page, coming from a group document with a generic name). I want to be able to extract each page singly, and have them open inside Nitro Pro - rather than to use Split, which dumps them each into a new file with a generic name. When using Split, I then have to open each new file to find the invoice number and rename the document. Is there a function that can extract multiple single pages and open them inside Nitro Pro as 'Untitled 1, 2, 3,' etc., so that I can then save each individually while being able to look at the information I need?

If not, is there a way to extract a page one at a time, but have the program not jump to the new extraction tab each time? Right now, I am able to extract single pages using key strokes which is simple enough, but the program dumps me into the new extracted page and then I have to mouse back to the original file and repeat the process, or save each new file immediately, which slows me down. 

Hope y'all can help! Thanks!

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