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PDFPenPro 13.1 for Mac OCR halts on long documents

Yuuki Ohta

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I am using PDFPenPro 13.1 for Mac on MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports), running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G9323). 

PDFpenPro's OCR process often stalls when being run on a relatively long document, whether it is run with the document open, or from the “OCR files…” command. This has been a problem for me since before version 10. I have raised this issue a couple of times with the Smile support team. I am hoping that the new support team at Nitro might offer further help.

What happens (which one can see from Activity Monitor is that one or two processes called 'PDFpenOCR' start when I run the “OCR document” command, and after a while these processes slow down, and eventually halt. The application (PDFpenPro) itself thereby hangs, and I have to force quit it. Sometimes, one of the two “PDFpenOCR” dies and the other keeps going, and OCR is completed. But this is unpredictable, and I often have to try a number of times.

I can upload an example document which gives me grief, as well as a verbose log taken during an attempt at OCR-ing it. 

My (technically illiterate) suspicion has been that, with larger files the memory runs out and causes the OCR process to halt. (This happens with Acrobat Pro.) If that is the case, a solution would be to implement an option of running OCR on a specified range of pages, so that a user can OCR a document not in one go but in smaller steps. (Indeed this is what one does with Acrobat Pro. But I may be ignorant of some obvious reason why adding this functionality is difficult.)

Working around this is time-consuming, but even with this issue PDFPenPro has been an indispensable tool for my work. So I am trying once again to raise this issue. Thanks.

Yuuki Ohta

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Thanks, @Leslie V., for this reply. I do not think I managed to create a support ticket myself (I tried, but could not find the option, which is why I posted this here). But perhaps you created one for me? In any case, I shall wait to hear from you in one way or another.


Yuuki Ohta

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