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13.1 - Only German proofing tools will activate ... 12.2.3 - No issues-English Proofing

David Rusch

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Somehow, a PDF converted to Word format by PDFpen Pro 13.1 will cause the created Word document to be locked into German for proofing.  The language for Word seems to be document specific because, without restarting Word, I can open another Word document and it will proof in English.  I have exported different documents and uninstalled and reinstalled PDFpen Pro with no change in results.  

When I convert the document using PDFpen Pro 12.2.3, the proofing was in English.  The issue must be with Version 13.

I can provide screen shots to evidence my process of attempting to get the program to proof in English both prior to reinstalling PDFpen Pro and after.  Please advise as to a fix.

David Rusch
Mobile:  98x-xxx-x315
E-Mail:  dwxxxxxx@gmail.com
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