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Open Sharepoint Online file with Nitro Pro

Kevin Zhu

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we are trying to implement a way allowing users to open sharepoint online file using Nitro Pro

so far we have found out that by implementation the custom URL protocol using the following format, PDF from sharepoint online site can be opened with Nitro.  note Nitro.Sharepoint is the custom protocol we have registered with the registry key.


it partially solves our problem, however the problem with this is, when the PDF is open, user is asked to select whether the file should be checkout, and in order to make any change, user are also asked to checkout and checkin when closing the file. The biggest problem behind this is, if not all the metadata are filled in, then check-in fails, which leave the file in checkout status...

I have noticed the Sharepoint 365 integration in Nitro does not have the problem, it does not requires checkout or checkin, the problem with the integration is, the navigation is very painful, and does not allow users to  search/filter files like within Sharepoint. So i want to check if there's certain protocol which can be used to trigger the Nitro Pro, similar to the above URL which can then open the file directly with the Sharepoint 365 integration.

BTW: when opening file with above URL, in the recent documents it's showing something like SHAREPOINT://xxxx and for files open with Sharepoint 365 integration it's showing something like SharePoint 365://xxxx, so i guess that where the different behavior(Requires Check Out/In ) comes from.

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