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Can't sign a document

Charleen Beloin

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Charleen Beloin

We just recently downloaded the NitroPro/PDFPenPro trial because I wanted to show my boss how cool a program this is.  I'm trying to sell him on the PDF builder and signer tools.  However, I just recently built a PDF from two documents (that went well), but I wasn't able to add an electronic signature (this didn't go well).  The program wanted me to send the document by email to get it signed.  Can't I just affix the signature from my file the way I used to when I used NitroPro with another organization? Granted I am now using Mac (PDFPenPro) but I was hoping the program would be almost the same.  Am I wrong?  How can I simply sign a document with an electronic signature?

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Reymund Oyong

Hi @Charleen Beloin

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

Nitro PDF Pro and PDFpen Pro are two different applications. 
Nitro PDF Pro is for Windows OS while PDFpen Pro is for Mac OS. 

From what I understand, you are using the PDFpen Pro to place a digital signature on the document. 
If this is correct, could you please take a screenshot of the workflow where the program wanted you to send the document by email to get it signed.

Kind regards, 

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