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How can I have files open now automatically reopen if I close and reopen NitroPro

David Meyer

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Hi @David Meyer

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

I understand that you would like to set Nitro PDF Pro to re-open previous session when launching the program. 

There is no specific settings in Nitro PDF Pro that will automatically open previously viewed/accessed file/s. 
The expected behavior is when you close Nitro PDF Pro with existing open document (not yet saved), you will be prompted with an option to save the changes and when you do, the software will close. 
When you open Nitro PDF Pro again, it will not automatically reopen the previous document/s you've viewed/accessed. You will need to manually open the file again by going to the File > Open > Recent Documents. This section will give you the option to pin the file that you mostly access/open in Nitro PDF Pro. 

In the event that you are working on a document and Nitro PDF Pro shuts down (unintentional system restart or killing the Nitro Pro process in Task Manager), reopening Nitro PDF Pro will restore the previously opened document (before the shutting down state), however, any unsaved work may get lost. 
This is the Auto Recovery feature and it has an interval that can be configured in the Nitro Pro Preferences (File > Preferences) under General section.

Kind regards,

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Hi Reymund, Thank you so much for the work around! I have Auto Recovery feature set to 5 minutes. If I have not done anything in less than 5 minutes, killing NitroPro with Task Manager and then reopening NitroPro does reopen the previous tabs as I wanted. So I will always exit NitroPro by killing it in Task Manager.

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Hello @David Meyer,

Glad to hear that it worked for you. 

I believe that you are ending the task in Task Manager manually. Here's a fun thing, you can create a script and use taskkill command to kill a process via command line. The process name of Nitro PDF Pro is NitroPDF.exe. Here's the screenshot of finding the name and killing the task via command line:


The command taskkill /IM "NitroPDF.exe" /F will allow you to kill the task but make sure that the CMD is executed in Administrator mode. To create a bat file to run the taskkill /IM "NitroPDF.exe" /F, open a notepad then paste that command. Go to File then click Save As then name it with .bat as the file extension (example: EndTaskNitro.bat). Once saved, simply right-click the bat file then select Run as Administrator. 

This is just a suggestion and searching the net helped me find that out. You may try that and it will save you some time doing the manual End task in Task Manager. 

Kind regards, 



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