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When double clicking (opening) pdf files, a print dialog box appears automatically.


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 I have Nitro Pro  as my default program for opening and editing pdf files in my PC.

About 2 weeks ago,  when I double click pdf files for opening,   a print dialog box opens automatically.     

When I close print dialog box "x" in upper right corner, document is closed automatically as well and nitro pdf remains open but with gray background.

This problem occurs with some but not all pdf. files.  It appears to be unrelated to pdf. size

I've noticed that this error occurs depending on the way pdf files are initially created from the microsoft edge web browser.

If the pdf files are created in the edge browser using "save as" option -> pdf.  this error consistenly occurs later when opening the pdf file later with nitro pro 13.

If the pdf files are created in the edge browser using "print" option -> save as pdf,  this error does not occur when opening pdf file later with nitro pro 13. 

Does this mean I have to wait for microsoft edge to correct this issue or is this a compatibility issue arising from the nitro pro 13 program?

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