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Option-dragging over a scanned image whites out where you drag

Philip Trauring

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Philip Trauring

Before I go over the problem I'm having with PDF Pen Pro 13.1, I want to bring up two issues with simply getting support.

1) I found it very odd that when I clicked to create a ticket to get support, I was led through several steps before none of the options actually included creating a ticket. The closest thing seems to be to post to this 'Community Forum' but I have not idea if that means the company even offers support, or if you are expected to get support from other users. It seems odd that one can't even file a ticket to report a bug.

2) When I got the the forum it says you need an account to post or comment, but when you click on that you're told you're signing up for a 'Free Trial' which seems very strange. Am I expected to pay in the future for access to the forum? When will the trial end? If it's not a trial for the forum, then you're just confusing people.

3) Finaly the issue that prompted me to contact support. I'm adding text objects to a scanned document. The purpose is to add numbers to label items on the page. The easiest way to add new labels is to simply option-drag an existing text object to the next location, and then change the number. The problem is that when you do this everything under the outline of the text object turns white. This is particularly problematic since it becomes difficult to position the text opbject when you can't see what's underneath it (or anything in between the old one and the new one). This is clearly a bug. It would be nice to be able to file a ticket for that, but since that's impossible I'm posting it here. I hope this is fixed soon. Thank you.

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