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Incomprehensive tab ordering, and no way to scroll laterally through the tabs




If multiple documents are open, the ordering of the tabs seems completely random, and if there are more tabs open than can be displayed across the top of the screen, there is no way to scroll laterally through them. The only way to see all tabs is to use the pull-down tab at the left, but then the documents are sorted alphabetically.

I often have multiple datasheets for electronics components open at the same time. Manufacturers names these with incomprehensible alphanumeric strings that often bear no relation to the part number. In order to keep these straight as I switch back-and-forth between them, I need to have the tabs open in the order that I opened the file (i.e. most recently-opened tab on the right).

Since there seems to be no rhyme or reason to Nitro's ordering of the tabs, it's very frustrating to use.

Why are the tabs not kept in the sequence they are opened? Why is there no way to scroll along the tabs (if there are more than can be shown at once)?

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Daniel Mikhailov

Seriously - the tab schema is extremely unintuitive and Extremely difficult to navigate if you have more than 10 open. You can't see the full name of the file which is frustrating because you can be looking at two files side by side where the only difference is at the end of the file name (e.g., v1 and v2). In other cases, you can open one window and it might go on the right side of tabs; open another and it goes to the left side of tabs. 


Is Nitro providing any support whatsoever to corporate users?

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