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Nitro Pro help with new windows 10, 11/21 update incompatibility

Bert Davich

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Version 11 Nitro Pro freezes since win 10 update 11/2021.

I see this is also true for other Nitro versions through version 13, so it cannot be blamed due to being an older version.

My question is...  IS Nitro pro going to STEP UP and help its loyal customers, or just keep hiding behind your community forum ignoring us, and drop us into the windows cesspool?

Yes, it is obvious Windows is at fault, HOWEVER, you owe it to those who paid for Nitro pro to FIX THIS!!

I was actually looking at buying a newer version of Nitro Pro, But since you have abandoned your customers, I'm glad I did not do that.

Sincerely Livid,

Bert Davich

Nitro pro user for over 10 years


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