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How can view/manage license activations in portal. I have seen only no of count of activation and remaining Lic. how can manage on self basis and who can activated Lic and track with MacID and other details.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello @oisp@omcishipping.com

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We do not have a central license management portal as described, for you to use but you can always contact us for issues of licensing and we'll do our best to resolve them.

When it comes to activation and the records we keep our logs are based on a computer ID which is generated and stored exclusively within Nitro Pro's user interface. We are unable to see the computer names/IDs that you are using for the machines internally. You can find this ID on each machine by going to Help > About Nitro Pro > Activate/Deactivate > Advanced.

We would recommend always maintaining a list of this Nitro Pro-specific computer ID for each corresponding user so that in the event a computer breaks down or you forget to deactivate prior to replacing a machine, you can contact us with this ID and we can then remove its activation on our end.

Please let me know if you have other questions.

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