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Strange Behaviour of OCR-Layer in PDFPenPro 13.1 with scanned and OCRed Files form NAPS2

Thomas Weber

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Dear OCR-Heroes :-)

In our Family-Office we're working in a "mixed-System-Situation" (Windows and MacOS via Dropbox). On Mac i'm using ExactScanPro for Scanning and PDFPrenPro 13.1 for OCR.

My Brother uses on Windows: NASP2 with the integrated Tessaract OCR Engine.

When i'm opening my own scanned PDF-Files (or many other PDF's i get from others)  i can View the single OCR-Layer as described in PDFPenPro Help (CMD-Shift-O)

When i'm opening the PDFs from my Brother's PC  (scanned and OCRed by NAPS2) with PDFPenPro the OCR is somehow within the file (i can copy/paste the text within) but the Layer is not shown with PDFPenPro. Furthermore i could do an additional OCR with PDFPenPro via the integrated MultiFileBatchOCRWindow (but not within the App manually). When i do so the OCR is doubled (copy paste means: every word is now doubled). And deleting the OCR-Layer doesn't delete the "OCR-Layer" of NAPS2/Tessaract created. pp

It seems there are two ways to save the OCR'ed Text within a PDF:
- one ist: with a separate layer
- second is: in an invisible layer that PDFPenPro cannot change or delete

It would be very helpful, if PDFPenPro could show/change/delete this "invisible" layer of the Tessaract-Engine too.

Or do i miss something? Is it technically "not a bug but a feature" ? Or what are the clear technical reasons for this behaviour?

Thanks you very much for your help.


I have two sample-PDF-Files...and i hope i find a way after this Post to upload them so support could see  that clearly...

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Would anyone please help me with this subject? Or is there any other way to open a support-ticket (with no cost) via email/phone...?

Or is a normal "software support" for PDFPenPro actually only possible with paying 49,99 per Year with Nitro VIP Access
(which i won't do!)

Best Regards


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