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Embedded font error in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Linn Wilbur

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Getting an embedded font error message ("Cannot extract the embedded font XXXX...") when opening a Nitro Pro created fillable form in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  Initially the form field font was ArialMT and got a CID Font+F1 error when opened in Adobe.  Changed the font to Helvetica and now getting a CID Font+F5 error message. 

Have turned off both "Show font embedding notifications" and "Show in-product messages" in the Nitro Pro preferences.  Both the F1 and F5 show up in the embedded font listing in Nitro PRO embedded font list when accessing Document Properties-Fonts.  Show as "CID Font+FX (embedded), Type: TrueType (CID), encoding: identity-H" where X = F1 or F5.

Using Nitro Pro  The original PDF file the fillable form was created from does not show errors when opened in Adobe.  Have upgraded Adobe Acrobat Reader to current version and same error shows when opened on other computers with other versions of Adobe Reader.

Any help would be appreciated.

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