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box.com --- How to open PDF files using "Open With" -> "Nitro PDF"

Nnn Vvv

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I reinstalled Windows 10 recently and I also reinstalled Nitro PDF on top of that.  Now I'm trying to get my computer back to where it was...

I used to be able to go to box.com in Chrome and from there I could select a PDF file, click on "..." (More Options) and do "Open With" -> "Nitro PDF".   The PDF file would be downloaded and opened on my desktop with Nitro.  It was very convenient.

With my fresh install I don't see the "Nitro PDF" option.  I just get two in-browser options.

Does anybody know what can I do to get "Nitro PDF" back in the menu?



I realize I could also open the box file from within Nitro PDF.   I set that up and it's not what I want.   I'm looking for a way to start from Chrome, box.com and then open Nitro.   Not start from Nitro and open box.


Thank you.

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The File -> Open -> box.com integration into nitro is a nice feature.  But the box.com web page in chrome gives me a better browsing experience with thumbnails of my various PDFs, change history and other features I use to select files.   It also gives me a common starting point so that I can open spreadsheets, notes, images... in addition to PDFs through one interface.   That's why I prefer starting from the browser rather than starting from Nitro.

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