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Nitro Sign API

Andre Ribeiro

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Andre Ribeiro



I would like to know if you have a web service API in Nitro Sign that we can call from our own app to initiate the signature request?


This web service API could work like this:

1. App sends a request with: PDF file to be signed, recipients to sign and (x,y) coordinates of location of the signature. And gets in return an ID of the new signature workflow.

2. Recipients get an email notification from Nitro Sign to proceed with the signing.

3. While the signature workflow is not complete our app can send a request to get the status of each recipient signature.

4. After the completion of signature workflow Nitro Sign would inform our web service that the workflow is complete along with the signed PDF file.


Many thanks,


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Andre Ribeiro

1 year is gone ... any chance a paying customer (with +40 Nitro Sign licenses) can have some feedback on this matter?

Does Nitro have any public roadmap of features available?



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