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PDFPen from Setapp - is it Pro?

Meredith Silberstein

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Meredith Silberstein

So, since SmileOnMyMac sold PDFPen to Nitro, and they're continuing to offer it on Setapp, I would assume Nitro can/will offer support.

I hate how many hoops I've had to jump through to ask this question, but what version of PDFPen is on Setapp? Version 13.1 seems like the latest, but it still has Smile branding, and when I try and drag the Form button from the Customize Toolbar into the toolbar, it just vanishes. I can't seem to find any Form features in the menu short of Reset Form and Highlight Form Fields.

I'm trying to take a PDF that should be a fillable form, but isn't, and make it fillable. Doing it manually isn't something I have time for, and I was under the impression that PDFPen could do this automatically for me. Can I do it with the version I have from Setapp, or no?

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