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Dropbox PDF Encrypted Problems


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I have a rather unusual problem occurring.  My company recently implemented Dropbox as a way to network and share files.  The admin team signs off on invoices via the Dropbox iPhone app to streamline our billing process.  Recently we started running into problems were .pdf's were showing up as "Can't add text or signature - this file seems to be locked or encrypted" to a few people who tried to sign the file using the iPhone app. It only seems to happen when someone who uses NitroPDF creates the .pdf.  Has anyone here had any run ins with this type of problem or perhaps know of an encryption setting that perhaps I am overlooking.

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  • Official Nitronaut

Hello Myquade,

Thank you for posting on our Community Forums!

We would like to help you troubleshoot the problem so I opened a support ticket on your behalf. We will be in touch through that.

If you need help in the future, especially if it requires troubleshooting, you can log a ticket here.


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