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Non-existent Support?

Bryan Brower

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Bryan Brower

I hope a moderator reads this.  I decided to try Nitro Sign yesterday.  I sent my first document to obtain an esignature and the recipient never received it.  Being his IT support person, I checked his mail logs and it never hit his email server (Microsoft 365).  I logged into to the Nitro Pro web portal for support and was first disappointed that you do not take phone calls (strike one).  Then I discovered that without a premium or VIP account there is no chat support available (strike two).  Then I tried to create a ticket online and found that there is no way for me to do that; the "create a ticket" link only gives access the the Help files, KB, and Forums (STRIKE THREE; YOU'RE OUT!!!).   Clearly this is not a company that I (nor any of my customers) can do business with, since support seems to be non-existent.  I'll be signing up with DocuSign in a few minutes; at least they are willing to provide their customers with access to product support.

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