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Question about defaults (open in separate pages and close only single document)

eli nichols

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Hello.  My company has just rolled out Nitro Pro and I'm still learning how to use the basics features as compared to Adobe Acrobat.

The two things I've noticed right away that I need help with are:

Is there a default where the pdf will open in its own "window" and not tabbed, like a web page?  I compare pdfs constantly so having them side by side is a must and opening them in individual windows as a default would save time instead of having to drag and drop every single time, especially when performing this multiple times.

The other question is, is there a default where when I click to close button, in the very top right, it closes the open window only and does not ask if I want to close all tabs?  There is a pop up every single time.

When you combine these two issues along with opening and comparing files repeatedly it makes for a lot of unnecessary clicking, dragging, dropping, etc.


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Allain Umailin

Hello @eli nichols,

Thank you for reaching out to us through our Community Forums!

For your first inquiry, Nitro Pro is designed to behave like a web browser allowing users who like working within one window vs multiple.

At the moment, the only option available would be to open files within the program and drag a tab out and create a new window. 

For the second, such close button is not yet available and if you would like to request for this change, you can submit the request directly to our Product Team using the link:

While we cannot guarantee each feature request submitted will be granted, rest assured our development team will be notified through above website and all updates will be available on this page: https://www.gonitro.com/product/documentation/release-notes

Please check for updates on page above from time to time.

Thanks for choosing Nitro and stay safe always!

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