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Viewing different parts of the same document in Nitro PRO

David Drori


There are so many things one can do with Nitro PRO but one of the most commonly needed functions is to view different parts of the same document at the same time using a split window. MS Word and many text editors offer this feature and I'm sure Nitro PRO does too but I just can't find how to set it up. Perhaps this requires some complicated  manipulation of windows using multiple open copies of Nitro PRO and resizing of windows on the screen.  It would be very helpful to know how to do it. Better still would be an improved version, in which splitting the screen is done exactly like in Word, allowing you to place the two views side-by-side or one above the other in the same window. This would probably save a lot of complex manipulations.

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Kregg Gabor

Great idea. I use Nitro Pro to file my business reimbursement form with attached receipts. It would be great to have a separate window to pull up the receipt while I am filling in the top part of the form that lists each expenditure.

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