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Text added to an existing PDF is a comment?

Bob Daniels

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I've been using Nitro Pro since 2013 and today this issue came to light. 

I have a cover page for a pdf document that I alter all the time.  I sent it to a client and said the text boxes are corrupt when clicked on.  not why he is clicking on text boxes but He sent me a screen shot and I noticed that what I added as text is listed in a comments tab.  When I click hide comments it hides the text I added.

No one has ever said anything like this before so I upgraded per the online chat person who said text is text and I have an old version.  As I suspected an upgrade did not help...

I want no comments available on my pdf.  I understand the hide comments but when I do this it takes all text from the PDF cover page. 

I do not know how to attached the doc to this message.



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